Horse Supplements and Equipment

Essential Equipment

Saddle and Strap

One of the biggest concerns that arise if you are a beginner in this riding is: what do I need?

The first, logically, is the right amount, which is composed of a chair and stirrups to introduce or support the feet — footrests, which are nothing more than straps that connect the stirrups to the saddle. Of course, the chair must be well attached to the animal, and this is achieved using a webbing.

Another essential element is what is known as a brake or bite, which consists of a metal piece that is placed in the animal’s mouth and is responsible for transmitting the pressure of the reins. These reins are ribbons, or a single tape in several cases, of sturdy leather with which the rider directs the horse.

Then we have the head, composed of different bands that fit the head of the horse, joining the reins with the bite.

And finally, we have the rebenque, which is a kind of thin wooden stick also covered with leather and serves to give small touches to the animal and encourage him to walk and move.

Horse Riding Steps

Now comes the moment of truth; let’s ride a horse! Do not panic, and if you follow these tips and recommendations, you will get it.

If you are a beginner, you may find it useful to use a mounting block. These objects are small pieces of wood similar to a stool, which will help you to climb better on top of the horse since rising directly from the ground is not easy.

Place yourself on the left side of the animal, and place the left foot in the left stirrup and push the body up. Next, draw an arc with the right leg, as if you were going to hug the horse’s body, and insert the right foot into the right stirrup.

During this process, someone can hold the horse’s head to facilitate it. If not, you have to keep the reins tightly with your left hand. Just don’t stretch too much to prevent the horse from starting to walk.

Once you are up, put yourself in a position that allows you to keep your balance. It is crucial to have your back as straight as possible. Then place the legs (always inwards) and hold the reins correctly.

Precautions When Riding

Bridle and Reins

Riding a horse is something wonderful, yes, but it can also become dangerous. Therefore, a series of precautions must be taken:

  • Wear a helmet in good condition and tight clothing to avoid head injuries or superficial injuries caused by a fall.
  • Check that the mount is well placed and that the rest of the implements (reins, stirrups, etc.) are in good condition. Precisely, with the stirrups, care must be taken, since we must also ensure that their length is adequate for the rider.
  • Observe the physical state of the horse, look closely at its hooves and horseshoes to ensure that there is no problem.

Everything explained above has no other objective than to guide you in the journey of starting to ride a horse, something that for all those who love this beautiful animal, assumes a pleasant and advisable experience. We hope we have helped you.

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