EMS Linear Servo Conversion Kit

Electronic Model Systems
Linear Servo Conversion Kit

US PATENT NO. 7,243,562

The EMS Linear Servo Conversion Kit provides the hobbyist with a means of linearizing the output from a standard Futaba S-148 or S-3151 servo*.  When using servo horns to convert rotational motion into linear motion, the amount of output displacement from the servo is not consistent throughout the full range of the servo.  The EMS Linear solves this problem and provides much more precise control over any application to which it is applied.

This breakthrough new product has been engineered with the serious hobbyist in mind.  Using injection molding to achieve tolerances to less than the thickness of a human hair and 3D computer modeling, EMS has designed a truly innovative product.  With over 1 million test cycles under its belt, the EMS Linear is built to last.

The unique solution utilized by the EMS Linear uses a drum to coil and uncoil the output arm at a fixed radius to ensure linearity.  The control horn is confined in 5 degrees of motion to maximize precision.  The drum is molded from a high performance co-polymeric plastic with high ultimate tensile strength and fatigue properties while the housing is an industrial grade engineering resin made to withstand the harsh requirements of everyday use.

EMS Linear “Drum”

Great for everything from throttle control in airplanes and gas cars to animatronics to actuating remote control submarine control surfaces.  The EMS Linear converts the torque generated by the Futaba S-148 or S-3151 servos into more than 3 Lbf push / pull with a maximum travel of ¾ inch.  Installation takes just minutes and requires no special tools.


* Futaba S-148 / S-3151 is not included.

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