Most Popular Horse Races, Best Stables and Training Tips

Horses are simply wonderful creatures. They have elegance and their own temper, making them one of the most intriguing and smart creatures on the earth. This is why horse training tips off any other type of animal training, as it requires special techniques. And that is exactly what I’ve done for all my professional career.

I’m a horse trainer and I find great joy in learning alongside these amazing animals. As a professional horse trainer, I offer horse training tips and techniques that can be used by beginners as basics, but I also follow the latest methods and techniques get the best possible results.

So, if you are interested in getting the best horse training tips and insights on horse training, stay with me, I’d love to share my knowledge.

My Passion for Horses

As I already mentioned, I simply love working with horses, and their training is my food for soul. My passion for horses was born when I was at an early age. Even as a kid, I was around horses and received interesting tips about horse training from my parents. I loved riding horses and connecting with them, I even had my own horse at a young age. Being around animals can be really calming and relaxing, but horses seem to top it off. As a kid I loved racing with the horses (of course, they always beat me), I loved grooming them and simply being around them, which is when I knew that my career path would lead me here.

Eventually, I put in the time and effort as an addition to my passion for horses and I made a career out of it. Now I offer horse training tips and training, and I dedicate my life to the wonderful sport of being around with horses.

Horse Training Tips for Beginners

If you are a beginner in horse training, you are always in search of the best horse training tips and insights you can get, and it is true, in order to be the best in the field, you must do a lot of research and keep on learning. But, I remember my own beginnings before I was a pro, and I know how hard it was for me to get knowledge. So, to help out fellow horse trainers, I’ve compiled a list of the most important tips for horse training that any beginner should know about:

  1. Always know why you’re in this
  2. Learn horse body language
  3. Teach your horse some manners
  4. Never be aggressive (most animals but horses especially can sense and remember a lot)
  5. Be aware of your own and your horse’s feelings
  6. Training is a gradual process, so you need a lot of patience
  7. Always follow modern techniques (and research them)
horses stable

Proven Methods and Techniques

When you are advancing your skill, you need to apply certain methods and techniques, and since there are many different types of horses, reasons for horse training and even people, there are many methods that you can try out. However, you don’t want to overwhelm your horse, so I’ve compiled a list of the most effective techniques and methods you can use:

Especially helpful for troubled animals, and really beneficial for both the trainer and the horse.
Clicker Training
Popular for skill improvement, especially in UK.
Natural Horsemanship
Originating from Monty Roberts, it is also called Intelligent Horsemanship
Tellington Touch
Skill improvement method where the exercises are suggested using a hand

Best Stables in the World

Equestrian buildings are the places where horses are kept, where they exercise and where you can see them naturally. But, if you want to be left in awe, here are some of the stables you must visit at least once in your lifetime:

Godolphin Racing
Located south of Dubai, it is a wonderful stable
Sledmere House Stables
Located at Sledmere, these are historically valued stables, dating from 1780.
Blue Horse Stables – Denmark
Probably the best stables in Europe.
Zayat Stables
The horses at Zayat Stables are trained by Bob Baffert. You know you can expect practical magic happening there.
A private training establishment with some of the most exquisite facilities and equipment.

Most Popular Horse Races

Horses have inspired some of the best events in the world, like horse races for example. Horse races are best known for their interesting line of events, and they are incredibly popular amongst all people from throughout the world. Even sports betting fans win real money from it, even trainers who give out horse training tips and classes make decent salaries. Nowadays, people can do the best sports betting at online casinos, as they are really convenient. Online casinos are great because they offer a lot of sports betting options and casino bonuses. Casino bonuses can come in many forms, and people can use some of them, like the welcome online casino bonus (you get it after you deposit) and it gives them a chance to bet for free or get free money. Here are some of the horse races you can bet on:

  1. Kentucky Derby
    With a great prize and a 2000 meter run, you’ll enjoy this dirt race.
  2. Dubai World Cup
    Happening in Dubai, it is one of the best horse events in the world.
  3. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe
    This French horse racing event is absolutely exquisite.
  4. Breeders’ Cup Classic
    North America is the proud home of this horse race.
  5. Pegasus World Cup
    Start the year and enjoy the Pegasus World Cup at the end of January, and possibly win some big real money.
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